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It all begins with our love for fresh seafood... 

Feeling constrained by pricey time-consuming sit-down sushi restaurants and pre-made options lacking quality and originality,

Aku Poke was created to find a better way to serve fresh sashimi grade fish.


We saw an opportunity to combine two of Los Angeles's favorite foods; sushi and tacos, thus giving birth to our PoCos (Poke Taco). 

We want to change the way people have the traditional Hawaiian poke dish by offering it in a bowl, poke-ritto or in a crispy seaweed taco shell. 

About Aku Poke


Well, almost everything.   All of our sauces are uniquely created in house so no MSG or any artificial flavors are added to them. Our crispy taro chips are fried fresh every morning and seasoned with our blend of Japanese seaweed seasoning.  Even our spicy tuna is made with fresh cut tuna to create a much more superior tasting, quality product that our customers can taste!

WANT POKE BY THE LB?  We can fully customize your poke for all your catering needs.  Just let us know!

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